Dreams Made Real


With the Travel Fund, you are able to tuck money away into your own personal travel fund. It's like vacation layaway - save now and travel later!

Your funds are available to you anytime:

  • Want a last minute getaway? Dip into the travel fund!

  • Save for a next summer's girls' trip

  • Tuck money away for a trip you want to take at some point

One of the coolest things is sharing your personal statement on your Travel fund page to share with family and friends. This gives them the opportunity to add to your travel fund for special occasion gifts, or just because!

See a sample Travel Fund page

Fiscally Responsible Travel


We believe in being responsible with your finances and with your travel! What's the fun of traveling if it creates financial stress!?


More than anything else, we hear, "I reallllly want to do this. I'll be in touch when we have the money." Financial demands (aka "bills") sometimes seem to run our lives and make our dreams take longer or never happen.

You want to save for travel; but, then you walk out of Costco having spent $200 on crap you didn't mean to buy. The next thing you know, a year has passed and you still don't have the funds for a vacation of any kind.


With a Travel Fund you pay into your own personal travel account weekly or monthly - any amount you choose - and the funds for travel are there when you're ready to use them!

Invest in Your Dreams

Have a specific trip you're saving up for?

We can help you figure out how much you need to save to responsibly pay for the trip.

Save up for future travel!

Don't have a specific trip or dates; but, know you want to travel more? Put money aside in your travel fund each month and you'll be ready to go without the financial stress when it's time!

Last Minute Fun!

Is your schedule so crazy that planning anything in the future is just impossible? When you save up in your travel fund, the money is there when you have a weekend to all of a sudden up and go on a trip! You can travel unexpectedly without worrying about the unexpected expense!

Pro-Tip: Pair with Portfolio Management for the best in responsible, fun, and EASY travel planning!

Gifts of Experience

Tired of sweaters and perfumes? Don't want more "stuff?" Let your friends and family know that you crave gifts of experience!


Each Travel Fund, gets its own personal page to share so that others can support those travel goals!

Travel Fund gifts are perfect for:

  • Special Holidays, like Christmas

  • Birthdays, especially milestones

  • Anniversaries and Valentines

  • "Babymoon" - let them know about your fund, along with your traditional registry, and get that time away before little one arrives

  • Graduation gifts

  • Solo Travel goals

  • Honeymoon funds instead of (or in addition to) wedding gifts

Better yet, start a fund for someone you love! Contact us to learn more!


Trips Not Trinkets

Know someone who loves adventure? What their heart really wants is to see new places? We know this well and being part of their travel goals is the best way to show that you love their nomadic spirit!

There are a couple ways to give travel:

  • Adventure Alchemy Gift Certificates in any amount are a beautiful way to package a gift of travel

  • Start a Travel Fund for them and coordinate friends and family to grow it!

Travel gifts never wear out or need replaced. You get to be part of the special person's memories forever. And the look on their face when they open your gift of travel...there is nothing like it!