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Kristin Benton

Hey everyone! I'm Kristin, the one who creates your adventures!


As an enneagram 7w6 (which may or may not mean anything to you),travel is one of the most important and fulfilling things in my life. I’m a nomad to my core, adventure is in my blood, and helping others experience the fullness of travel is in my DNA!


I’ve traveled all but a handful of states in the U.S. starting as far back as first grade. I even did a special studies program at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu during college, studying cultural pluralism. But, let’s start at the beginning...


Growing up, my mom showed cats  (yeah, kinda weird, but kinda awesome) and we spent our weekends driving around the Midwest (from Minneapolis to Dallas) in our wood panel station wagon, going to cat shows. We always took time to explore where we were and I’ve never lost the love of (excessive) travel. I think it’s hereditary. My dad traveled for a living my entire growing up and until he retired a year ago, was in several different countries every month.


As for me, I’ve spent time in over 500 airports since 2015. Ironically, I hit magic 500 on the nose the same day Adventure Alchemy was born. Yeah. Exploded my brain too. For 4 years, I traveled the U.S. as a fitness expert, appearing on news channels in every major market in the U.S., including CNN!, training celebrities in Hollywood, and presenting to packed houses of fitness professionals. I got to know my way around each place I went and exercised my knack for finding awesome experiences, often involving ice cream.

Even as a wife and mother of 2 daughters, I just can’t stay put. I love introducing my family to incredible experiences and being a guide for  them. I know the places we’ve gone and things we’ve done will be memories they cherish for a lifetime, with amazing stories to tell their kids and grandkids. I want the same for you.


As for international adventures- I stayed in a camper van with my husband and road-tripped Iceland’s ring road; done missions work in east Africa, and was a guest fitness instructor at an upscale resort in Mexico, as well as multiple summers fishing in Canada, and cruising to the Bahamas. I have much more international travel to check off my “list” but, there’s nothing quite like seeing all there is to see here in the United States. Our adventure concoctions are focused on domestic destinations because there is so much to experience right here!


I can’t wait to whip up an adventure for you!

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