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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

You've gotten a little primer on how a Mystery destination is chosen, so now we get to have a little fun. I'm going to share the "requirements" for an actual client's Mystery Trip and based on those we would love to hear where you would send them. I'm not going to share their name or identifying information and especially not where they are going since this is in actual trip that has already been planned and the couple is leaving in four days! That means they haven't opened their mystery envelope yet!

For ease, we're going to call this client - a married couple - Josh and Molly. Eek - this'll be fun. Ready?

The Basics

Josh and Molly have done most of their travel to visit family and really want to get away just the two of them. They would like a trip of 3 days and 2 nights in January - leaving on a Sunday. They're willing to drive but wouldn't want to go anywhere that is further than 5 hours away.

Where have they been?

Most of their travels in the past have been to visit family in Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, Georgia, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. And, while they've been to these places, they haven't really vacationed there. The furthest west they've been is Missouri and they definitely do NOT want to go to St. Louis or to Disney. For this trip, they did say they would like to go somewhere they really haven't been.

Climate & Size of the Destination

They were very clear that they want to go somewhere cold - ideally in the 50s or colder. They're super comfortable with cold weather, so there isn't a concern with it being "too cold." As for the size of the destination, they don't have a hard requirement on this; but, something kind of quaint with great food and activities would be ideal. They really loved the square in Savannah on a previous trip.

What do you like to do? (this is the good stuff)

They shared that they want to enjoy good food, they like a little bit of gambling and one day would like to get to a gaming convention. They're kind of indoorsy people - not really into hiking or big tourist attractions. They love horror movies, thrillers and super hero movies and have always wanted to see New Orleans and where the Salem witch trials were. They might even be open to staying somewhere haunted.


This is always important to learn about and people usually have solid opinions. For this couple, definitely no Mexican food but Italian, Asian, and classic American food are their

favorites. They 100% do NOT want to cook on their vacation and definitely want good food nearby. Good food came up a few times in the conversation.

Anything else we need to know?

It's a little bit of a first vacation for them. They've spent so much time traveling to see family over the years that they can't really remember when (or if) they have had an actual vacation. The budget? Keeping it under $1,000 would be really ideal. Oh! And, they live in the southeastern part of the U.S.

Are you ready? That's the information you've got to solve the mystery. It's time to get to work. Remember, that it's a short trip, so the time can't be eaten up with travel and keep going through the clues as you think of destinations, to make sure you're hitting the mark!

Submit your Destination & Get a Gift: We'd love to hear what destination you would choose for Josh & Molly and will have a surprise gift for one of you. Send your answers to adventurealchemy@gmail or you can DM us on Instagram!

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