Travel Inspires Travel

When I started Adventure Alchemy all I could think about is sharing my love of travel with others. Particularly my knack for finding cool places and things to do. And while that has certainly become a truth, there has been a quite unexpected (and very welcome) side effect of planning awesome trips for others...I want to go to ALL of the places and do ALL of the things.

No matter what trip I'm working on each day, I consistently end my day saying, "this is my new favorite trip!" And to tell the truth, they ALL are! They really are!

I have a list of places I still want to visit. Because let's be honest, no matter how well traveled you are, you could spend everyday exploring and still never see all there is to see on this planet - or even in this country alone!

The "downfall" of what I do is that I now want to also go on all the trips I'm creating. My kids have some time off from school coming up and I'm already considering taking them to the location of one of the trips I've planned! I have jokingly said that one of these days an element of a client's mystery trip is simply going to be "Guess What?! I'm coming with you!"

This past Sunday, I walked in my 504th airport of the last 5 years alone. I still have many places to see and nothing gets me more excited about finding new experiences, than having new experiences. It literally never gets old! I just want more of it! Sometimes I wonder if I might be among the rare cases of dromomania... no really. Eek.

Take my good friend for example - he recently took a 4(ish) hour airplane ride to meet some friends - it was his first time in an airplane. He was nervous, but really wanted to see these friends. Know what he said when the trip was over? "I need to travel more!" I couldn't agree more! The best way to get inspired to travel... is to travel.

And, obviously, if you want some help finding inspiration, we might know someone that can help *wink wink.*

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