Mystery Honeymoon: Lancaster County, PA

We love what we do. I mean, we LOVE it! And, when clients take the time to share, in detail, all about their trip It. Is. EVERYTHING! We can tell you all day about the trips we create, why they're awesome and why we'd love to be your choice for trip planning; but, I'll let a recent client tell you in his own words! I should add that Nino wrote all of this without us asking for any review at all and we loved it so much we asked if we could share it (spoiler alert : they said "yes")!



On Sunday May 9th, Jenny and I revealed our mystery honeymoon. It was very unexpected, but we found out we were making our way to Lancaster County Pennsylvania! Once we landed and made our way to Amish country, we found our way to our very romantic cabin that was 2 miles down a gravel road, very private and secluded. The cabin was a 1 bedroom cabin. The cabin was very rustic and on a beautiful private pond!


Once we woke up we planned to just tour our town and see what they had to offer! Everyone in town was very friendly and welcoming. We told our story to everyone that wanted to hear it and the locals were all super excited for us and welcomed us with open arms. Lancaster County is a very beautiful county and the back roads lead you every where.

Once we were done touring the town, we went outside of town and took a hike! We hiked up a long trail that ended up at the haunted Witch’s Hat Pavilion, which had this amazing overlook. Once we were done hiking we drove over to the Pagoda to see the views of downtown Reading, PA. After the Pagoda we went to dinner at JJ Ratigan’s Brewery, which was absolutely delightful!


As the cold crisp morning came upon us we had on our agenda to go to Gettysburg. My wife, Jenny Accardi, and I are very intrigued with the civil war and the paranormal that goes along with it, this was the perfect spot for us to visit. As we drove through the battle field, just seeing the history was just an amazing way to learn the history.

Once done touring the battlefield, we drove around the town of Gettysburg taking in the sights and we ended up parking and walking around town and stopped into a couple shops. Once we were done with shopping, we ended our night at an Irish restaurant called Dobbin House. We ate in the basement, which was an old Irish tavern. Food was just amazing and glad we choose it!


This is what Adventure Alchemy, LLC was so excited about! We spent the morning with the Amish. Yes, you read that right, the Amish. We took a private horse and buggy ride with our driver John. We learned so much from the way of living, to the changes John has seen in his lifetime, to random questions asked by me, including questions about the Amish Mafia TV show, which turns out is not real at all. When asking John about the show, all he could do was laugh. We then stopped and had a 45 minute conversation with grandma Sadie. She was a sweet elder with tons of energy and so willing to talk with us and answer all of our questions! She even had some for us about our modern technology! We found out that the Amish kids can make some good cookies, pretzels, and drinks. Once we finished our buggy ride we went to an authentic Amish restaurant, at the recommendation of a buggy driver John, and oh boy was it was so good!

After lunch we went to our cabin to rest up before dinner. Once rested, we made our way to a restaurant that was 3 stories underground called the Catacombs at Bube’s Brewery. This was a old HAUNTED brewery that was made into a fine dining restaurant. Yes, it was a very spooky feeling, but we enjoyed hearing the stories from the worker’s and the experiences they have had that we asked them to share with us. After dinner we even got an extended tour of the brewery and hotel!


As a gift from Adventure Alchemy, we toured the Wolf Sanctuary of PA. This was a fun and educational tour, even though most of the wolfs were bedding down due to a hearty breakfast of horse and cow, it was still fun to be able to learn about them. After the tour of the sanctuary we went and got some pizza at Nino’s Pizzeria (you know we had to stop at Nino’s) and the stopped for some ice cream!

Friday - Unfortunately all things must come to an end. We woke up this morning, got everything packed up and signed a little note in the guestbook at our cabin. We made our way into Philly to spend some time downtown before having to make our way to the airport. We plan on having lunch at a local restaurant and enjoying what time we have left here in Philly!

Jenny Accardi and I enjoyed our honeymoon and plan on coming back here in the future! This was a very fun, relaxing and much needed trip. Highly recommend this company! Thank you so much, it was so fun. Y’all were so professional, even when I tried several ways to get a hint. We had no idea we would be here but glad we came!

- Nino and Jenny Accardi


Thank you both so much for letting us be part of your honeymoon memories! It was a pleasure creating this one of a kind trip for you - we can't wait to do it all again... first anniversary tradition?