It's A Family Tradition

I don't have a whole lot in common with my dad. He's quiet... I'm, well, not. I'm musical. He reads the news. There are a lot of these kinds of opposite features; but, the one thing that we share in common, is a bunch of travel. He's traveled way, Way, WAY more than me, which is saying something.

My parents just stopped in to say hi this afternoon and where we used to not have much to talk about, my dad and I talk a bit about airports. Which ones we like, which ones we don't, the restaurants and shops we like at different airports, where we've had great service, or maybe mishaps.

Surfing. One of the many things I've learned in my travels!

When I was a kid, my dad traveled for work. He was in sales and his territory was the Midwest, with an especially heavy emphasis in the Chicago-land area. His work schedule had him home a week, gone a week for as far back as I can remember. When I was in late grade school to early middle school, he was tagged to start the international division for his company and he was sent to Europe for 6 months. He spent most of his time in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Great Britain. I always loved his stories from the road and the postcards I got in the mail. (Fun Fact: My daughter has a robust postcard collection from all over the world herself!)

He later took a management position to stay home more and we moved to Chicago. After I graduated college, he was back in the international sales scene and it was a totally different beast. He would end up in a different country every few days - from Argentina to Canada to Spain to Brazil to UAE to Germany, Puerto Rico and more. I've always been so jealous of the amount of travel and places he's been- in a good way.

When I started travelling heavy for work 5 years ago, it was a dream come true. I finally got to earn a living while seeing all the places! I get twitchy when I'm home too long. I feel so very at home in airports and hotels. I find myself when I'm navigating unknown cities. It's in my blood and there is no escaping it.

Working in aviation, my dad gets to show off some fun toys every now and then!

A life on the road isn't for everyone. But traveling to new places at least a couple times a year most definitely enriches your life. I'm traveling a little less myself for right now; but, sending others off on adventures is just as fulfilling for me. Talking with my dad about where I'm sending the next client, then sharing our own stories from those places, is pretty cool.

I guess what I'm saying is, I wake up every day excited. I love this adventure. I love crafting experiences for you. I love seeing you enjoy your adventures. I'm living a "pinch me" life and I am oh-so-grateful and humbled to be part of your forever memories.

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