How To Gift Travel This Season

I know, I know, Halloween is still a few days away and here I am talking about the biggest gifting season of the year. Ugh. I have a really good reason for doing this, I promise. Plus, if you ask the publications experts, I'm actually kind of late to the dance, so just bear with me and keep reading.

  • Show of hands if the thought of retail shopping from November through the end of the year gives you hives.

  • Show of hands if you feel like gift cards are the "easy way out" of gift shopping?

  • Show of hands if you don't know what to gift that person that already has everything?

  • Show of hands if you simply think of yourself as terrible at choosing gifts?

  • Show of hands if you hate how materialistic this special time of year has become?

I know I'm personally in 4 of those categories and I'm guessing you're in AT LEAST one. The good news is, gifting the right experiences can help you avoid all of these conundrums. And I'm going to lay out the answer to the new conundrum: "HOW do you gift travel?"


1. Pool Your Resources

The first big question is probably about the cost. I mean, you love your in-laws but were you really planning to drop $1,000 on them for Christmas? In most cases, that answer is "no." Unless you're 12 or under, the idea of eighteen small gifts isn't as appealing as one really fabulous gift anyway. That's why one of my favorite gift-giving strategies is pooling resources within the family. When you can coordinate efforts within the family to go in on the gift together, you are able to give a "more valuable" gift. In this case, the gift of experience! Instead of 10 gifts of $50 each, they have $500 worth of travel to use! Amazing!


2. Start A Travel Fund

Ok - you got everyone on board with going in on a gift of travel for your parents, now what do you DO with the money? Just throw it in an envelope and give it to them? Buy a gift card? By their airline ticket? These may be the first ideas that come to mind but there is a really easy and awesome way to ensure the gift of travel is experienced by the recipient- Start a Travel Fund for them (and yes, we have these)!

Remember when saving loose change in a jar was the ultimate way to save for the "thing?" Now that we hardly use cash, those change jars take a lot longer to fill up. And the money that is mentally set aside for travel is susceptible to being blown in the dollar aisle at Target or on that Costco run gone wild.

With the Travel Fund, you can make a one time or ongoing contributions (or both) online that are held aside in your name by Adventure Alchemy. Once you have the fund started, you or anyone else you share the personal link with, can contribute to the travel fund. Even after the holiday has passed, the travel fund can receive contributions - so, birthday, anniversaries, valentines, and so much more! And the recipient can decided to put their own contributions in to support their travel goals/dreams.


3. Add to An Existing Trip

If you know your recipient has a trip planned with us already, reach out and ask what dream excursions would make their trip that much more special. We can easily book an excursion/activity on your behalf.

Super Fun: If it's a mystery trip, create a cute card to let them know that they'll find out their gift when they open their Mystery Envelope!

Check out this fun excursion that was gifted for a couple's honeymoon! I knew the couple loves to kayak but the budget wasn't going to allow for this to be booked in advance. They might or might not have decided to spend the extra during their trip; but it wasn't planned into the preliminary budget.

Their friends reached out to ask if they was something they could contribute to the trip and VOILA! Kayaking added and the gift givers' photo included in their itinerary.

Adding to an existing itinerary is really the perfect way to make an already awesome experience even more special!


Before You Go...

Think about the things you remember over the years, in general? Is it the sweaters, socks, gadgets? Or is it the experiences, the memories you've made? I don't remember much about the physical things I've gotten and certainly still own very few of them. But, that birthday trip we took when I turned 40, and the trip I took with my first born when she turned 10 last year? I remember those vividly.

I would love to talk to you about gifting travel and help with creative ways to "package" the physical representation of the travel you gift! You will win at gift giving this year and you will feel amazing about enriching your loved ones' lives when you give them experiences!

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