Three Must Have Travel Apps

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

I've done my fair share of travelling in the age of tech and I've tried SO many apps that claim to ease the stress and burden of some aspect of travel. I'm often deflated by how completely useless many of the apps are or how much harder they can make things; but, every now and then I uncover an absolute gem.

To help you sift through the tech trash, I'm sharing my top THREE favorite travel apps that I will absolutely stake my reputation on!

1) Tripify

I started using this app almost two years ago and it changed everything for me. I typically have multiple trips booked at a time and I was having THE WORST time keeping track of all the confirmation emails, flight times, which hotel chain and what location.

Sifting thru emails or dropping it into spreadsheets was so time consuming and not very effective so I set off to find an app that could keep my trip information organized.

My favorite feature with Tripify is that it can automatically pull in trip information from my email confirmations. I can also forward confirmations to the app and it automatically organizes the information into the correct trip based on the data within the email.

Some apps claim to do that but then execution is off. Not with Tripify, I haven't had it let me down yet. I love that I can manually add information; but, also I don't have to hop from airline app to car rental app to hotel app for my details. It's all in a neat package in Tripify.

I can also choose who gets to view or add to my trip, so it's easy to keep family members in the loop and to coordinate with travel partners. Another bonus is that it will pull in the gate information for my flights based on the airline and flight number.

SO many other little details in this app make it a travel tech powerhouse. It's easy to use, simple to understand, visually clear, and really a one stop shop for being organized with your travel. Did I mention it's FREE!!!

2) Track My Tour

This app is just SO fun! I've used it both domestically and internationally and its makes me SO happy. TrackMyTour "lets you create a journal and online map of your travels for friends and family to follow along." It's great for roadtrips and for longer vacations with lots of site seeing. Each time you enter a waypoint, a pin is dropped on the map and you can make a journal entry and even add photos (up to 2 per entry with the free version).

You have full control over the privacy of your map, so don't worry that someone is going to be following along with your travels that shouldn't be. I've loved sharing it with family while we are on vacation and they enjoy the updates. It also allows trip viewers to "like" and "comment" along the way.

Even if you don't want to share your journey with others, the virtual trip journal is a super fun walk down memory lane. I definitely enjoy looking back at the fun that was had on each trip!

3) Timeshifter

Ok, this one is a little different because the biggest benefit here comes on those long distance trips where jet lag likes to sneak in. I have used Timeshifter for trips to Tanzania and Iceland and it definitely does what it says it will do.

Here's how it works - enter your departure information (date, time, location) and any stopovers that you have. Answer a few questions about your normal sleep habits/routine, your typical caffeine consumption, and whether you want to use melatonin or not.

With the press of a button, Timeshifter then creates a personal plan for making a gradual adjustment to your new location. Starting about 3 days prior to location, it will start shifting when you go to bed and wake up, advise you when to have lights on/dim/off and recommend when to/not to use caffeine.

If you follow the plan, you will feel ready as can be when you arrive at your destination. Whether you're traveling for work or for leisure, you won't miss a beat. No more foggy brain, or sleep sick (that's what I call it when you're so tired you feel ill). Also great? It builds the plan out for your return as well. It's super simple to use and truly does work! I'll never travel internationally without it.

That's It! My Three Must-Have travel apps. I'm always interested in new travel tech, so if there's an app you want me to try out, or you have a specific need that you'd like an app to solve, let me know and I would LOVE to see what I can find, and try it out!

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