Going Viral + Winning Awards

If you had told me Adventure Alchemy would be featured in the Boston Globe only to immediately be flat-lined by a global pandemic, I would have thought you were crazy (wrote about that in October). What's more? If you'd told me that my mystery travel agency would go VIRAL on TikTok at the end of the year, I'd know you completely lost it.

But here we are! Many of you are now new friends of Adventure Alchemy because of TikTok, of all things and I'd love to thank you and share with the craziness of how the whole thing unfolded to make for a rock solid end to a really crazy year.


Saturday, December 12 - I was on my home when I noticed an unusually large amount of website traffic and a few contacts forms coming in. Knowing that my clients Carly and Brennan were the next clients leaving on a trip, I figured they had just posted something. There is usually a quick jump in traffic when clients post about Adventure Alchemy so I didn't pay much attention.

It. Just. Wouldn't Stop.

Traffic kept going and I checked google analytics to find there were 150 people on the site and climbing! I jokingly texted Carly, "Girl! What have you done?!" She was as confused as me - she had 9 followers that afternoon when she posted the video to share with her family (by the way, she has 69k now).

Things escalated quickly, I started a TikTok of our own to help answer the THOUSANDS of questions in the comments. The requests for information kept climbing too. I called a friend, who was an Adventure Alchemy client first, and asked if she could help me respond to emails and on Sunday she was in the trenches with me. Sunday got even crazier as the video more than doubled in reach and by Monday morning I had assembled an all-star team of 7 people to help respond to clients (2 more of whom I first knew as clients)! It still wasn't enough and in our Tuesday morning meeting, I saw 10 smiling faces on our zoom meeting... all of them excited and ready to help! They worked their hind ends off for a week. Enthusiastically emailing and answer the questions you had, while allowing me to focus on streamlining and shoring up the customer experience.

We received just shy of 6,000 new trip requests in the last 10 days and locked in trip dates for just over 50 so far!

You may have felt some of our very rapid growing pains and I hope you see how hard we all were working to improve the way we communicate and how you experience Adventure Alchemy. Through a series of TikTok videos, Instagram live and IGTV videos, and email campaigns, we were able to get the message out about what we do, how we work, and how much we care about YOU!

I did some math to find that I personally worked 145 hours in 8 days!! It was insane and so worth it. Adventure Alchemy received just shy of 6,000 new trip requests in the last 10 days, locked in dates for over 50 mystery trips, and has dozens of calls scheduled in the next week to answer your questions.

I am so thankful that I was able to invite 3 of the surge team on more long term (hopefully forever) and am leaving 2020 with a heart full of gratitude for the amazing clients that love what we do, for the incredible friends and client-friends who supported Adventure Alchemy last week, and for my family that was right there as cheerleaders this whole week. Also, babysitters. REALLY thankful for babysitters who save my kids from becoming couch zombies.

I'm finally getting reasonable sleep and regular showers (it got a little scary there for a minute) and have SO many ideas brewing for the trips that are coming up. I really do have the greatest job in the world!

On top of this excitement, Adventure Alchemy was recognized as "Best Travel Agency" in the 2020 Best of Business Awards in my suburb of Nolensville, TN. It was also my complete pleasure to gift Carly and Brennan with Travel Portfolio Management for the next year and I can't wait to thank them with amazing trips for their first year of marriage! No one could have written a more perfect ending to a year of so much struggle!

There is a lot coming up that I am excited about, including the new City Ambassador Program! If you aren't yet, go follow us on all the social media: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube!

Good stuff is straight ahead! XOXO -Kristin

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