Give it up for Mr. Adventure Alchemy

My husband (of 13 years) lovingly tells his friends and family that he's been going on my Mystery Trips for our entire relationship, and it's true. I pick our dates and destinations, plan our time, tell everyone what to pack and then we go. Friends and colleagues will ask where we're going and he is famous for telling people he has no idea...and he loves it. At this point, I think he just on purpose doesn't pay attention when I tell him because it makes it a surprise every time I remind him... but that's an entirely different blog. LOL

I invited him to Miami and suggested we rent a motorcycle.
Our first ever trip together in 2005.

I have to give him credit, life with me is an entirely different breed of adventure and he handles it well. Like the time I told him I was leaving my high paying corporate job to be a professional hula hooper and then I actually did it (true story).

A couple years later I told him I found a program where I could go teach at a resort in Mexico for a week and it would be all paid for except our flights. Guess what? We went to Mexico, swam with dolphins, hiked the Mayan pyramids in Coba and jumped into the clear, pure, cold water cenote. Totally worth it.

He knew I really wanted to go to Iceland so when I turned 40 that was my birthday gift. BUT - he knew I'd have some crazy spin to put on it so he didn't plan anything, he just told me we could go. I called him at work the very next morning and told him I found a camper van we could rent and I wanted to stay in it for 10 days while we drove around, exploring Iceland. He said, "Sounds like fun!" So, guess what we did? And it was SO fun.

Then, there's the time- when we were getting ready to drive to the Tuscon airport to come home from vacation and I told him I was starting a company that would plan vacations for people but they wouldn't know where they were going until the morning they left. He paused and just said, "ok." And the next day I started Adventure Alchemy.

Sometimes he feels like life with me is the real Mystery Trip- HA!

For Father's Day this year, we gifted him a StoryWorth book/subscription (this is NOT a paid promotion, so stick with me here). Basically, he gets one question emailed to him each week for 52 weeks (a year). At the end of 52 weeks, they take his answers, and any photos that he has uploaded with his entries, create a book out of them that gets shipped to us. I ordered 2 books- one for each of our kids. The questions have been so fun and I was particularly touched by last week's question/answer.

The question was: "What is one of your favorite trips that you've taken? What made it great?" I had no idea this question was coming up (because I wasn't paying attention - they actually send me the questions ahead of time so I can change them if I want to); but when he answered it and the response came to my inbox I just smiled! Here's what he said:

"The trip we made to Iceland for Kristin’s 40th birthday is hands down my favorite trip of all time. Before Kristin came in to my life travel wasn’t a significant part of my life, and what little I did was fairly vanilla. I am thankful for her desire to make travel a part of our lives, and more so her gift to make it special.

Made friends with an Icelandic Police Officer. Don't ask.

Our Iceland adventure was packed with new experiences around every corner. Our vacation went far beyond what any tour company could have given us. We hiked the extra mile beyond the waterfall. We took the extra time to get the most out of each stop. We wrote our own story and crafted our own (mis)adventures. All this in the setting of previously unknown geography, history, and culture was glorious."

Basically, he's hired as my new marketing direct. Right? My love for travel, adventure, and doing things a little differently is an integral part of who I am. It's why Adventure Alchemy is everything to me. I never get tired of thinking up the perfect adventure for each client. Everyone is different and every trip should be too! Thanks for being on this adventure with me!

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