Emotional Mystery Manual Delivery

I got to do something super fun this morning! I delivered a Mystery Manual to a client...IN PERSON. And not just any client, it was for a very special couple. These two have been part of our family's life for a few years. They are the children and youth pastor to our kids and even more - they are friends. Planning their Mystery Trip has been one of the most gratifying experiences.

Here's how it went down... I rolled up to Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea where we decided to meet this morning. It was a beautiful morning and they were already outside when I rolled up. I had the package - a large envelope that, like each Mystery package, contains:

  • The Mystery Manual- This is the official trip guide! It contains emergency contact information, weather at their destination, time, date, and location of where to show up on their departure day, and their personalized packing list.

  • The Mystery Envelope- A wax-sealed envelope that isn't to be opened until the morning of their departure when their destination will be revealed by the contents of this envelope.

I'm honestly not entirely sure who was more excited, me or them? But there was a lot of smiling, laughing, energy, and even....tears. Actual tears of joy. WOW! I get to be part of this. I get to create a magical experience that will unfold for them in the moment. They get to be present - fully present for each moment of the trip. To me, that is the greatest gift and something we can all use.

Once they opened the envelope and saw the clues in the weather forecast and packing list, there were some fun questions and I love the questions! For these two, I recommended some kind of athletic shoe or hiking boot. A moment I'll never forget is when she said, "Ooooh! I can order some hiking boots now!!" HAHAHA! You're welcome *wink wink.*

It took every bit of restraint I had to not just say "ah! go ahead and open the mystery envelope now!" I SO badly want this cat out of the bag so we can "squeee" with joy together; but, the fun is in the wait and the anticipation! For now, they know they have to bring hiking boots and their "good camera" and they know the weather will be roughly in the 60s during the day while they are gone, to which there was a "oh good!" They also know exactly what time to be at the airport next week.

There is still more to this story though! Chris & Joanna, while not the first ones to travel with Adventure Alchemy, were the very first ones to say "YES" to experiencing a Mystery Trip. I planned their trip before any others. In fact, they said "yes" before I officially had a company name or website or anything! They said yes THE DAY I decided to start this business. So, yeah - this trip was super special to plan and will be that much more meaningful to watch unfold.

They leave a week from today. I can't wait, and I know they can't either. It was an amazing, and emotional, morning for me and for my good friends who have been part of this journey from before day one. I wish you the best trip and can't wait for you to know where you are going!!! Ah!

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