Destination: KNOWN (aka cutest reveal ever)

Remember the last blog? The one where Chris and Joanna get their mystery packing list and get really excited... only they still don't know where they're going? Well, they found out, they went, they had the most amazing time, and they're back.

I can sit here and write a million words about Mystery Trips - what they are and how it works; but, I really think the absolute best thing you can do is watch their reveal video. I can't get enough of it and I already know what happens! It's honestly the cutest ever!

After that video, they did their best to get some sleep before their early morning flight to SALT LAKE CITY! But what happens once they get there? Well, after they opened their Mystery Envelope, I sent them a message that included a link to their personalized itinerary. The itinerary included all of their flight, car, and lodging details, of course, plus so much more. They have a short list of restaurants and coffee shops for each day, as well as recommended things to do that line up with who they are and what they enjoy.

I am simply not a fan of scheduling every minute of someone's vacation. I also know that you don't have time to research where you're going when you take a Mystery Trip. To balance this out, I select a variety of activities, places and things to do/see and you get to choose! You won't waste hours googling for things to do or places to eat. You only have to look at your itinerary app to see what I've already suggested.

Chris and Joanna had an A and B option on their arrival day. Depending on how they were feeling after an early morning and their travel, I suggested they either take a drive to the great Salt Lake - specifically Antelope Island - OR head into the city and go on a statue/sculpture hunt. SLC has an impressive public art collection- so much so that they have an virtual, interactive map of the public art installations. It's a lot to take in, so I selected a short list of statues I thought they might enjoy.

They opted for Antelope Island, where they saw buffalo up close - VERY close, and enjoyed the incredible colors of fall in Utah. After an impressive welcome to their Mystery Trip, they checked into their incredible vacation rental for rest before their first full day in SLC.

On to day two - after a morning experiencing the impressive heartbeat of Salt Lake City - Temple Square and an organ recital, they had a new adventure! Knowing that this couple LOVES hiking, I sent them off to Cecret Lake, which is one of the most incredible drives and hikes you could imagine. Just check out the slideshow of images above and you'll see what I mean. They even got lucky with remnants of Utah's early snow this year.

For their final day, I scheduled an actual "activity/tour." I don't often do this, but I felt very strongly about this particular experience - the Heber Valley Railroad - which just so happened to have been all decked out for fall just days before their arrival. The Rail is about an hour drive away and is a total 3 hour train ride through some of the most beautiful parts of Utah.

Once back from the train ride, the final jewel of their trip was one last meal. I envisioned a final, romantic date night to close out their trip and the obvious choice was Log Haven. They shared with me that they planned extra time for getting to the restaurant because they just knew they would want to stop and take pictures along the way.

Sure enough, they found a couple water falls and some beautiful foliage that had Joanna jumping for joy on the side of the road at "finding fall!"

After their amazing dinner in the woods, with live piano and string musicians, the trip had come to a close. They flew home the next morning and I waited anxiously to see them, hug and squeal, and hear all about it!

The trip unfolded exactly how I had hoped and they had the adventure of a lifetime! They had all of the planning done for them, according to what they enjoy, and were able to be present in their time together in the mountains. I could not have asked for a greater reward than knowing they came home with smiles and memories to last a lifetime.

I can't stop looking at the memories they've posted from their trip and I know that means they won't forget this time either! This is the kind of experience I love to create - and I'd love to create it for you! Hopefully, you've got a little better picture of how much fun a Mystery Trip is. I'm ready when you are!

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