A Very COVID Christmas?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Not the year we hoped for; yet, here we are. Schools, stores, work, travel - everything is new. And when it comes to changes in travel, no one knows more about these pains than those of us in the industry. Weddings and honeymoons have been cancelled, rescheduled, and reworked; family vacations called off; spring break trips 86’d; anniversary, birthday trips… cancelled. National park closures, tour companies gone dark, restaurant closings. beaches shut down…. Shew!

A now, with holiday travel around the corner, the looming question is: "Should we be traveling? Is it possible to travel safely? Will my destination of choice be “open?”

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that everyone has a different tolerance for traveling right now and wherever you are at is ok. There are a lot of questions and I’m going to try and give you some answers.

Safe and Boring are NOT the Same.

You don’t have to feel pressured to travel; but, you still have plenty of options for getting a change of scenery SAFELY if you're itching to go. It’s easy to think that safe means boring and you may ask yourself, "why travel if it’s going to be a waste?” Well, it doesn’t have to be lame.

Do you feel like you can’t possibly come up with something fun to do under current mandates around the country? Deep breath, there is a TON to do—it might take some outside the box thinking or you can get the help of a creative travel planner like, well… like US!

Let's take a look at different options and lay out the pros and cons.


Even with the growth in vacation rental platforms, most people book their trip lodging at a major hotel brand.


All of these brands have implemented massive cleaning and sanitation requirements- major surfaces, like the check-in desk, front doors, and elevator buttons are being sanitized multiple times a day, maybe even multiple times an hour. They have the crews and access to sanitizing products to get the job done really well! They've also put up Plexi partitions at check-in like most stores. As for those included continental breakfasts, some have moved to pre-bagged breakfasts that you grab and take to go!


With all the sanitizing and precautions, you are still going to come into contact with more people from all over the country/world. And, elevators? Well, being in a small space like that probably isn't ideal if you are trying to avoid "the COVID."


If you are trying to book with points or earn points for status, you can still safely stay at a major hotel. Consider requesting a ground floor room so you can avoid the elevator!


Sites like AirBNB have grown exponentially in popularity and