3 Reasons to Plan (Way) Ahead For Travel

"We're thinking about a trip next summer so we'll be in touch in a few months." We hear this a lot. We definitely understand the feeling that there is a ton of time - and there is- but, your best value and best experience overall comes from advance planning and here's why:

  1. Selection The further in advance we start planning, the more options we have- this applies to flights, properties, and activities. While others are waiting for their trips to be a little closer, we are looking for the best options for you and ending up with the very best choices available - not just the best of what's left!

  2. Maximum Value Planning allows you to shop for the best rates. You aren't stuck with unfavorable departure times or too-long layovers because it's all that was left or all that fit your budget. Keeping an eye on rates is the best way to get the biggest value for the best experience!

  3. Better Budgeting. Aside from "not having time," the biggest reason for not traveling is "not having money." Planning in well ahead of time allows you to have a really good feel for how much your vacation is going to cost. When you know how much to plan for, you can budget responsibly and the vacation doesn't become a source of financial stress.

Does the idea of planning a trip stress you out? Now you're being told to start planning way ahead and track all of the things? Deep Breath! That's why we're here. With our years of experience, we know what rates are great and which ones are meh. When you put us to work early in the process, we track rates and availability until we have the best options at the best rates for you!

You don't need to stress one bit! If you think it's too soon to start planning, we disagree. It's really never too soon. Sometimes it is too soon to purchase your flight - but it's never too early to start shopping rates. That's our job and we love it!

Contact us any time to get us planning for you and even to help you budget/save (did someone say Travel Fund?).

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