Your Time Is Valuable


How many times have you said "I've always wanted to go there!"? More importantly, how many times have you followed through and gone?

We get caught up in the busy-ness of life, get distracted and say "maybe next year." Then, next year comes and goes a few times and our dreams live on forever as only dreams.

It's time to change that. It's time to start really living your life. 


How do you go from "meaning to travel" to "actually traveling" when life is so busy you can hardly keep track of your everyday schedule?!


Consider this. Every year, millions and millions of people make new year resolutions. You might be one of them. Maybe you've previously set a resolution to travel more in the new year. Then life happens, work gets busy, family stuff takes over, kids' activities, and on and on and on. You know the story.

Here's where a Travel Portfolio Manager comes in.

What if each year, instead of wringing your hands over your good travel intentions, you talked to your portfolio manager (me) about your travel goals for the year?

Maybe you want to take that summer vacation you've been talking about for two years. Or finally sneak away on that romantic, spring weekend with your partner. Girls' weekend? Mother-daughter retreat? Father-son road trip? Guys' golf trip? All of the above...?

With Portfolio Management, you tell me what kind of travel you would like to do for the year (this includes both mystery and non-mystery trips), I help you budget for these trips from the start so you can be financially responsible with your travel, and I create a plan for your trips so you don't waste precious time "meaning to" make memories.

I'll touch base with you regularly to ensure I know exactly what kind of travel experience to create for you. I'll plan all of the logistics and coordinate the details so there is no reason to let another year slip away.

Before you quickly dismiss this idea, stop and ask yourself how your life would change if you committed to saying "yes" this year.

While you're busy doing life, Adventure Alchemy is busy making sure you have experiences that will be talked about for the rest of your life! And because I'm handling it for you, you get to enjoy the adventure without the stress of planning and deciding on where, when, and how.

The coolest part? The longer we work together, the better I get to know your very specific personal likes and dislikes. I get to know where you've been and where you're going, and that means your experiences will continue to get better and better!

If you're tired of time passing you by, I'm speaking directly to you. And, there's no reason to wait until January 1st... let's talk NOW!



Our goal is to KNOW you and KNOW your family so we can successfully create travel experiences that cater to YOU.


We do the work of "remembering" to plan your travel. Your time is valuable and it is the greatest gift we can give you!


We are ON CALL during your travels, so you're never stuck on your own!



Give us your travel information once (loyalty programs, preferences, etc) and we have it all on file so you never have to dig it out again.


We choose travel based on your interests, not because we get a higher commission rate with "x" chain. We are motivated solely by creating a great experience for you.