Mystery Trips

Ever want to getaway without having to think about it? Just somebody plan it, tell me what to pack, where to show up and when? Consider it done!

Planning Your Mystery Trip

When we start planning your trip, we have a detailed conversation about what you like to do, what kind of food you like, and much more. Equally as important is where you DON'T want to go and things you don't like.


We discuss timing, budget, and other details needed to plan an amazing adventure just for you.


All of our Mystery Trips are within the United States with a minimum length of 3 days/2 nights, that you can drive or fly to, while fitting within your budget!

The Big Reveal

A week before your trip, you will get a packing list and weather forecast that are specific to your destination and itinerary. The best part? You don't know where you're going until the morning you leave. That 's when you get to open your Mystery Envelope and your adventure is revealed.

Everything You Need is at Your Fingertips!

Once your destination is revealed, you access your trip details with a special link and password for your online itinerary in an easy to use app.

Your itinerary is full of restaurant suggestions, points of interest and things to do that are hand-selected just for you, as well as the usual things like confirmation numbers, addresses, etc.


Who's It For?

Mystery Trips are perfect for:

Solo Travelers


Celebrating Birthdays & Anniversaries

Weekend Getaways


Holiday Travel

Spring Break & Summer Vacation

Mother-Daughter Trips

or Just Because!

Not Sure What's Happening?

Watch these fun reveal videos!