Take a Mystery Honeymoon


You're busy planning the biggest day of your life - your wedding! Sometimes the Honeymoon is left for the last minute or forgotten altogether. You deserve a Honeymoon as well thought out as your big day! So, Why A Mystery Honeymoon?


No More Decisions

You're planning the whole wedding. Let someone else plan the honeymoon​. We select everything for you - from the big things like travel and lodging, down to the little things that make a big impression like dining and entertainment.

A Gift To Each Other

Since neither of you will know where you are going, you both get to experience your honeymoon as a new and exciting time without any added pressure.

Perfect for YOU

Is an all-inclusive not for you? All-inclusive resorts are a popular honeymoon choice because they're simple. With a Mystery Honeymoon, you get the ease and simplicity of an all-inclusive, without giving up on a completely unique experience that you'll remember forever. Even better? We work with YOUR budget- we've done everything from $800 to $8,000 and everything in between; but we strongly recommend a minimum budget of $2,000 to ensure the best experience possible. You don't have to miss out just because you have a limited budget.

Start The Honeymoon Alchemy