Bespoke Travel

Bespoke travel means we curate each detail of your trip to YOUR preferences, every step of the way!


This is a highly collaborative, custom trip planning service. We work together with you throughout the process to create the trip you envision and create lifelong memories.


Adventure Alchemy creates the experience you've dreamed of, using our own extensive travel experience and a giant network of experts and locals all over the country and the world. Our goal is to create an experience (from start to finish) that is like nothing else out there - the coolest hidden gems and unknown treasures that have your friends remarking: "I had NO idea that was there!"

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All clients must first complete an application and in some cases, have a quick phone interview to ensure Adventure Alchemy services are a good fit for everyone. Once that process in complete and your trip application is approved, the $245 non-refundable planning fee due within 48 hours.


After that, we schedule time for your intake call - this is a detailed conversation where you get to tell us all about the purpose of your trip, what you envision, what you like/don't like and any other details needed to plan a custom tailored trip. This call takes place 3 months before your planned departure date.

We work closely with you each step of the way to make sure you are happy with the choices and you always have the final sign off before anything is booked. You pay the cost of your trip (flights, lodging, rental car, admission, etc) plus a 15% booking fee.

The real magic starts when your trip begins! Your itinerary will provide a selection of restaurants and activities that have been selected specifically for you- you won't waste precious time trying to google where to eat only to get frustrated and end up at a chain restaurant (I know you've done it)! Make the most of your time away by taking advantage of pre-vetted options that are provided in your personal travel plan because they fit "you."


We create dream travel experiences within the United States.

starting at

4-7 DAYS

  • Roundtrip airfare for up to 4 ppl (N/A for roadtrips)

  • 3-6 nights of lodging in boutique or name brand hotel

  • Up to 4 ticketed activities

  • Rental Car (optional)

  • Trip Insurance (required)

starting at


  • Roundtrip airfare for up to 4 ppl (N/A for roadtrips)

  • 7+ nights of lodging in boutique or name brand hotel

  • Up to 5 ticketed activities, including premium activities

  • Rental Car (optional)

  • Trip Insurance (required)

*Includes Planning Fee of $245, Cost of Trip, and 15% Booking Fee