Adventure Alchemy is looking for a well-traveled (in the U.S.), highly collaborative individual that can jump in the middle of a fast-moving situation and figure things out.

About the Role:

The Travel Planning Assistant will build the detailed ins and outs of our client itineraries using our travel software. Itineraries include meal recommendations and creative suggestions for things to do and places to see at a variety of destinations around the United States.

The Perfect Candidate:

  • Personally well-traveled within the United States

  • STRONG problem-solving skills 

  • Works best independently & figures out new systems quickly​

  • Reads well between the lines and makes sound decisions based on minimal information

  • LOVES new places and experiences and is excited about all the United States has to offer travelers

  • Deep working knowledge of airlines, rental cars, and lodging companies (hotels, vacation rentals, B&Bs, etc...)

    • Can navigate booking platforms in their sleep

    • Knows which companies to use and which to avoid

  • Has a knack for finding memorable experiences in unlikely places

  • Open to U.S. citizens over the age of 27


All applicants must apply with a video submission. Read the instructions carefully (hint: following instructions is important).

Video Application Instructions

Submit a 5-7 minute video. Include, in this order:

1. Introduction

  • Your name

  • Age

  • Where you live

  • How many states have you visited?

2. Tell us about a favorite trip you have taken within the U.S.​

  • Where did you go?

  • Why did you choose the destination?

  • What did you love about the trip?

  • What didn't you love about the trip?


3. What is one place in the U.S. that you haven't been yet but would love to explore? and Why?

4. What is the biggest travel hiccup you've experienced and how did it turn out?

5. What do YOU think is the most important part about planning travel for others?

6. What makes YOU the perfect candidate for Adventure Alchemy?

How To Submit Your Video

  • Upload completed  video to YouTube

  • Set visibility as "unlisted"

  • Email Your Video link to adventurealchemy@gmail.com

    • Include link to video

    • Email subject should be "Travel Assistant Application"

    • Include in your message:

      • Name

      • Phone number

      • How many hours per week you would like to work/are available?

WHAT'S NEXT? Your video will be reviewed and we will respond by email within 3 business days of receiving your email. If you do not hear from us within 3 business days, please follow up!

Good Luck!!