Our Story

It all began when I was thinking about summer vacation for my family, I found a couple companies that were booking “surprise trips" (I may not have been the first one to come up with the idea, but we do it better). I was SO excited and told everyone about it. I was ready to do it so I got online to book the trip. I learned that I would fill out an online form answering how many people, my budget, dates, and some general questions about your likes, and then I would pay a set amount online from a drop down! I was instantly disappointed. I was OUT.


My two main issues? I couldn’t figure out how they could book something that I would love based on the very generic questions on their website and without having a conversation with me. I also didn't like that I was forced into pre-set amounts (starting at $2,000). A couple friends said- “you could do this better.” I totally agreed, kicked the idea around for a day but decided “nah.”


The idea never fully left my head and it was a few months later, on the last day of a very incredible family vacation that I woke up and said to my family, “I think I'm gonna do this travel idea!” As happens with my very supportive family, I got a “sure!”


I thought about it the day while travelling home - what would I call it? how would it work?. Then, sitting at the Denver airport (my 499th airport in 5 years), a friend asked on Instagram for suggestions for a long weekend in the fall. I was about to answer with a few quick ideas; but, then I had questions. I couldn't make the perfect recommendation without having more information! So, I DM’d her and told her about my idea to book mystery travel and that I’d love to do it for them to get experience (and, of course, reviews)! She was stoked, which fueled my fire!


I immediately shared my mystery travel concierge idea via email to some select friends/colleagues, and posted about it on Facebook from right there in the Denver airport terminal. There was interest. And a LOT of it. I was so excited, Within minutes I had 8 calls booked. I was over the moon and called up one of the friends from the original “you can do it better” conversation – I had to gush! It was in that conversation that the term “Adventure Alchemy” slipped out and it was perfect. There I was, in Denver International Airport, birthing a travel venture.


I’m excited to share my love of travel, passion for adventure, and desire to serve. If you’re ready to say “yes” to expanding your horizons, I’m ready to whip up the trip of a lifetime for you in the adventure lab.